Mediterranean Gypsies 

A forgotten history beyond diaspora, nomadism, marginality in three Western Mediterranean areas of the Spanish Crown (Andalusia, Sicily, Sardinia, 16th-early 18th century)

Los bailes en las fiestas del Corpus en los siglos XVI y XVII (BC Ms Rom Fraser B1 C3) – University of Leeds, Brotherton Library Special Collections, Fraser Collection.

Latest News

Iscandula Online Conference

Massimo Aresu talk ‘Gitani sardi in età moderna e il fenomeno del “sa romanisca” a Isili e Gergei’ is now available to watch – in Italian. This online talk is part of the series of national and international conferences organised by the Sardinian cultural association Iscandula.

Conversation with Roma activist Fiore Manzo

In the last episode of ‘Il libro di…’ (Arci Mediterronia Tv) Massimo Aresu talks about Mediterranean gypsies in the modern era with Roma activist Fiore Manzo. Watch the episode (in Italian).

Movilidad, comunidades y redes sociales en el Mediterráneo de la Edad Moderna

Da migranti a coloni

The international conference “Da migranti a coloni” will be held at the University of Cagliari on 6th-7th March 2020. The conference looks at the outcomes of the 2-years project “Migrazioni e colonizzazione interna nel Mediterraneo d’età moderna”, founded by the Sardinia Region.

This conference aims at opening up the debate, by investigating the outcomes developed so far and discussing future research paths.

“Gypsies” in Early Modern Europe

The latest issue of Frühneuzeit-Info dedicated to articles focusing on new perspectives on “Gypsies” in Early Modern Europe is now available. It also includes an article related to the Mediterranean Gypsies project: “Representing Spanish Gypsies during the Second Half of the 18th Century: A Dissenting Voice”, by Massimo Aresu.

More information on the issue can be found on the Frühneuzeit-Info website.

Conference & Exhibition: Preludes of Flamenco

31 October 2019, 12pm – Treasures of the Brotherton Gallery, Parkinson Building, University of Leeds

Located among the resources of the Special Collection of the Brotherton Library of the University, is the major collection of documents about the Gypsy people that is preserved outside Spain. The Spanish section of Sir Angus Fraser archive (a Scottish scholar fascinated by the Gypsy culture, who acquired this documentation) consists of about 150 documents, which include printed works and manuscript papers from the 17th and 18th centuries. The speech will focus on the materials of this section related to dance, with the aim of exploring some of the aspects of the complex relation between the musical world and the Gypsy ethnic group, in an attempt to reach a better comprehension of the genesis of the flamenco culture and its development.

A selection of items made by Massimo Aresu will be exhibited at the Treasures of the Brotherton during the event. This conference is part of the I Yorkshire Flamenco Cultural Week, hosted by the Instituto Cervantes of Leeds, with the aim of promoting the flamenco culture in United Kingdom.

This public talk will be delivered in Spanish.
Free entry until capacity is reached (50 seats), no booking needed.

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